New projects and releases

We've been hard at work prototyping new samples and boy do we have a lot of them, many of which will be released in May/June this year.

Aviator Cables

7 new colour variations soon to be produced alongside a re-stock of currently out of stock aviator cables such as Galaxy Purple, and Organic Milk. Cement colour scheme will be making a comeback, this will be released in V2 form of our mechanical keyboard aviator cable.


Alice layout hot-swap PCB is now in production and should be available some time May/June. Just like our 65% PCB these will also feature RGB under-glow, these will be compatible with our soon to be released Alice Keyboard Kit as well as our custom acrylic keyboards.

Ergo Keyboard Kit

Making an appearance alongside our Alice layout PCB will be the Ergo Keyboard Kit. We're huge fans of ergonomics and nothing beats a straight forearm when typing, your wrists will need to bend no more.

Stay tuned for layout variations of this Ergo Kit later this year. While we're advocates of using layers to access arrow keys and other keys since this minimizes hand movement, we also know there are many individuals out there who prefer separate arrow keys.

Aluminum Keyboard Kit

After many late nights and countless back and fourth discussions we are ready to release a complete CNC'd aluminum keyboard kit. Features include top-mount plate, acoustic treatment pad, hot-swap PCB, beautiful engravings, and finished in three stunning colours mirror polish, bone white, and galaxy purple.

Render of the board by our amazing artist JJ from Vancouver Island.


westm aluminum mechanical keyboard mirror polish plate keycaps aviator cable

Macro-pad Keyboard Kit

Perfect for... you guessed it, macros (and other hot keys). Featuring an OLED screen just because, and nine keys. The perfect addition to any desk to up your aesthetics and productivity. Powered by QMK so changing your keymap or display image is easy. Don't know how to code? No worries, we'll be releasing a guide to help you on your way.