New Cables, Deskpads, and PCB Updates

Hello Friends. It's been a little over a month since the last update and big progress have been made! We've added another coiled cable to our line up as well as a couple of deskpads. PCBs and plates have arrived, and we are finalizing our design on the macro-pad!

Product Releases

Starting first with product releases we have released our Panda coiled mechanical keyboard cable, Lilac Switches deskpad and Summer Camping deskpad.


mechanical keyboard coiled aviator cable

Product Updates


Plates for our custom acrylic keyboards will be available in default 60%, 65% and Alice layout. We've chosen a beautiful brushed aluminum surface finish. Available in colors Camel, and Moon Silver.
mechanical keyboard platemechanical keyboard plate
These plates will allow for a much faster processing time of our custom orders and provide a you with greater flexibility when it comes to color matching the the rest of the case.


Our 65% PCB will be available as an option to purchase with your custom order, these are in limited numbers. PCBs for other layouts will be arriving Q2 2022.

mechanical keyboard PCB

Sneak peak at our new macropad coming soon!

See you soon.


The WestM Team