How-to | Program your WestM PCB

Just a few steps and you'll be on your way!

  1. To change your key-binds we recommend VIA software. Download here. Select .exe for Windows, .dmg for MacOS.
  2. (Optional) It is also possible to change the keybindings through QMK but this requires editing key-binds by code, compiling the code, putting the keyboard into DFU and then flashing the PCB. Quite tedious.
  3. In order for VIA to read the PCB we will need to enable the side-load feature as follows.
  4. Go to the settings tab and enable Show Design Tab. (You only need to do this once if this is your first time enabling this tab)
  5. Nearly there! Download the relevant .json file for your PCB.  (Right click save link as)
    • (The following step needs to be performed each time the program re-opened). Go to the design tab, click the load button, select the file you just downloaded. The layout for your keyboard should now appear!

      Note: If you are using VIA through chrome you will need to select Use V2 definitions (deprecated). We are just using the older key code definitions but functionality wise it is all the same :)
    • Go to the Configure tab and change your key bindings!